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NEW MEMBERS: Any student who has turned 9 yrs. old is eligible to enroll in 4-H. Any new student also needs to fill out a new enrollment form, even if you have completed one at your previous school.

Officer Nominations: You may sign up to run for a 4-H office on the 4-H Bulletin board. Elections will be held Friday, August 24th


Tentative date is early November. Be thinking of a talent or skit that you would like to perform in the county wide Share-The-Fun event. We will also be working on a large group skit as well. More information will be coming about this fun event soon!!


Participation Checklists

Each student is given a checklist at the beginning of each school year to be signed by the student and parent and returned. This allows us to keep up with the events that you (4-H member) participate throughout the year. When you have achieved the required amount of points, you are eligible to go on the end of year 4-H trip. It is very easy to get all your points. Please print, sign and return the checklist (found in the forms link).



Citizenship Trip

Every two years, Adair County 4-H takes students from the county on a two day trip to the State Capital. Students from all schools int he county are invited on this trip. In 2011, we took over 120 students with 18 from Peavine. It is a great learning experience and always lots of fun. It is usually held near the end of the school year and will be held again in April/May 2013. the cost is usually about $60.00 and includes most of your meals, rooms, and admission fees. I just wanted to let you all know about it so you can be saving up for this awesome event!